COVID-19 update: Regular meetings have been replaced by Zoom meetings. All welcome. Email Bob Jensen to join.

The Melbourne lunch venue has changed from La Porchetta's original premises (in Rathdowne Street, Carlton) to the Sofia Restaurant in Burke Road, Camberwell, situated almost opposite the Camberwell railway station.

This change happened in after 21 very good years at La Porchetta. One of the significant reasons for the change to Sofia is the much improved access via the rail system (it's better to be safe and keep our driver's license, especially after an enjoyable lunch).

Camberwell is closer to the demographic centre of Melbourne, and this makes driving to the lunch easier for most participants (those who still want to take the risk, or not drink). Another good reason is that off-street parking is quite handy. We have noticed a significant increase in attendance because of this venue change - and the comments about the food and service at Sofia are great, as well! Sofia is a large restaurant, making it easier to add any extra or unexpected members, and we are quite often honoured with the attendance of interstate and intrastate ex-CDA members, along with special guests (e.g., TAB and Melbourne Uni. staff).

Partners and friends are ALWAYS welcome, and particularly to the December lunch (the only one NOT held on the 3rd Friday of the month, because of clashes with other pre-Xmas commitments - this is held on the second Friday).

Bob Jensen is our lunch co-coordinator and takes care of our monthly lunch email list and bookings (remember, every third Friday of the month - except December). If you are not on our lunch email reminder list, please click here and Bob will gladly add you to the list. Somehow, Bob usually manages to cover our costs for Pizza, Gelati and coffee for around $10 per head.(A bottle of wine is our usual BYO)!

SO - if you can make it (either on a regular or irregular basis), come along, chat with your old workmates and friends, and enjoy this increasingly popular event! Ed Note: The carpark at the rear usually has free spots (and ample time for the lunch).

Control Data Corporation was incorporated on July 8, 1957 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. CDC grew rapidly, eventually becoming the largest computer company in Minnesota by number of employees and annual revenues. The company produced some of the fastest computers of the time, including the CDC 6600, designed by Seymour Cray and generally considered the first supercomputer. In 1992, Control Data Corporation ceased operations and was split into two companies: Ceridian Corporation and Control Data Systems Inc.
In 1962 E. L Heymanson & Co. Pty Ltd. established representation for Control Data Corporation computer systems in Australia effective January 1st. This site is for ex employees of Control Data Australia (CDA) and Control Data New Zealand (CDNZ) and the Australasian (AAR) region.
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