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Mike Spark Mike Spark

Our El Supremo, MC, and chief organiser for all important events pertaining to social and financial affairs.

Bob Jensen Bob Jensen

Chief data base keeper and lunch coordinator. Send him any e-mail addresses you may have of 'lost members'. Let him know if you will be attending a lunch.

Ron Bird Ron Bird

Our principal historian and industry guru Ron is CDA employee number 0001 and there is not much he does not know about CDA and the development of the Australian computer industry.

Lyndon Aistrope Lyndon Aistrope

Web site administrator and editor. Send me any feedback/material that you feel will enhance the site. To register as a Member go to Registration

Alison & Adrian Bryant Alison & Adrian Bryant

Keepers of our memorabilia.

Alison & Adrian Bryant

Control Data Corporation was incorporated on July 8, 1957 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. CDC grew rapidly, eventually becoming the largest computer company in Minnesota by number of employees and annual revenues. The company produced some of the fastest computers of the time, including the CDC 6600, designed by Seymour Cray and generally considered the first supercomputer. In 1992, Control Data Corporation ceased operations and was split into two companies: Ceridian Corporation and Control Data Systems Inc.
In 1962 E. L Heymanson & Co. Pty Ltd. established representation for Control Data Corporation computer systems in Australia effective January 1st. This site is for ex employees of Control Data Australia (CDA) and Control Data New Zealand (CDNZ) and the Australasian (AAR) region.
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